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Zainab Ansari murder: Pakistan police release sketch of suspect in manhunt for ‘serial killer’

Police in Pakistan are stepping up a manhunt for a possible serial killer after an eight-year-old girl was found raped and murdered in Kasur, eastern Punjab, sparking widespread protests. 

Government spokesperson Malik Ahmad Khan said authorities were searching for a suspect who kidnaps and kills young girls after Zainab Ansari’s body was found on Tuesday. 

It comes after police revealed at least 10 similar cases had rocked the city since January 2017.

Investigators now say they have found traces of the same DNA on six of the girls, including Zainab, according to a police document seen by the BBC. 

All of the girls, who lived within a 3km radius, went missing from near their homes and were dumped on rubbish sites or in abandoned houses nearby. 

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Mr Khan vowed to bring Zainab’s killer to justice and said chief minister Shehbaz Sharif would be personally following the case.