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MINDHUNTER BTK Serial Killer Kansas Murders True Story

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Victoria’s serial killer nurse: The gory story of the murderess who looked after the Queen’s son that the ITV series …

Royal mother: An 1845 illustration of the Queen with Bertie, the future King Edward VII, and elder sister Victoria

Royal mother: An 1845 illustration of the Queen with Bertie, the future King Edward VII, and elder sister Victoria

At a quarter to six in the morning on Saturday, June 10, 1854, Henry Woolgar, a labourer from Esher in Surrey, was on his way to work when he passed a cottage and noticed something curious hanging from an upstairs window.

As he drew closer he saw, to his consternation, that it was a pillow saturated with blood. He rang the doorbell. No one answered. Other neighbours began to gather. Then, a woman was glimpsed inside, apparently trying to attract their attention. Woolgar fetched a ladder, climbed up and peered in.

At first he could not see anyone. Then a

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Few heroes in story of LA serial killer

There is likely no Canadian reader of this book, a look at one of Los Angeles’ most notorious murder sprees, who won’t think of the bungled Robert Pickton investigation or the ongoing inquiries into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

No one will likely ever know how many South Central women of colour were murdered and abused by Lonnie Franklin Jr. during his decades-long criminal career, but if there are any heroes in the book, few came from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Author Christine Pelisek, a senior writer with People magazine, deserves credit for covering this case with passion, giving victims’ families and the crimes national attention.

Pelisek was the one who gave Franklin his nickname. “Jill Stewart, a brash intelligent no-nonsense editor (at L.A. Weekly), insisted we name him,” she says. “Keeping the story in the public consciousness by giving him a name

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The story behind Indiana’s ‘Angel of Death,’ the serial killer-nurse who died Sunday in prison

He was Indiana’s quietest, most low-key serial killer, a pet shop owner and hospital nurse with access to the potentially deadly drugs potassium chloride and epinephrine.

He was convicted of six murders, but authorities believe he may have killed as many as 70 elderly patients as they convalesced at the Vermillion County Hospital between 1993

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American Horror Story Cult Smiley Face Killer Theory – Refinery29

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American Horror Story: Cult May Be Partially Inspired by the Smiley Face Murders

There are a lot of things that make American Horror Story: Cult scary. We’ve got an ever increasing amount of clowns and the manifestation of another truly disturbing phobia. And, like, people are dying every episode. All of these different variables inevitably snowball together: after all, the cult-like clowns are the ones exploiting the phobias of victims and killing them. But there’s still another aspect of the whole season that’s really, really creepy: the smiley face that’s used to “mark” those who are doomed to die. Here’s something even creepier: it might be based on a true story.

In the wake of this week’s episode, Reddit user johndaniels2me suggested that Cult may be taking inspiration from a real-life string of murders. The user is referring to a popular theory that emerged nearly a decade ago.

Read more at: https://www.popsugar.com/entertainment/American-Horror-Story-Cult-About-Smiley-Face-Murders-44059221

American Horror Story: Cult

Ally and Ivy Try to Get Back to Some Normality

After everything, Ally and Ivy attempt to put everything behind them. They and Oz have a night in the restaurant. It all goes well until, in true American Horror Story: Cult fashion, they get home and find a smiley face on their door. If that’s not enough, they get in the house to find Oz’s new pet guinea pignexplode in the microwave.

Ally marches straight over to the neighbors, walks into the house and punches Harrison in the face. When Ally mentions the smiley face, the neighbors tell her that the family has now been marked by the killer. Believing that the neighbors did it, Ally and Ivy walk away, only for Oz to spot a smiley face on the neighbor’s house too.

Just then, the truck returns — and this time, two people get out. Ally rushes towards the people as they

Read more at: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/american-horror-story/american-horror-story-cult-rec-66087.aspx

‘Sole Survivor’ of a serial killer shares her story in new book

Angel Resendiz was a monstrous marauding serial killer from central casting.

Criss-crossing America on freight trains, wherever Resendiz went, bloodshed and tears had a first-class ticket.

Lonely railyards from Texas to Kentucky were his demented hunting ground.

And by the time he got the needle on June 27, 2006 at the Huntsville Unit — the end of the line for the worst of the worst in the Lone Star State — he’d murdered at least 15 people.

He shanked, bludgeoned and used rocks to commit his vile deeds. Sometimes he raped.

One woman survived to tell the tell the tale.

Holly Dunn — a university student at the time — has written a new book, Sole Survivor, detailing her horrific ordeal at the hands of Resendiz.

I interviewed Holly for a British newspaper about 10 years ago. She was tough, funny and very sweet.

In the summer of 1997, she had a new beau Chris Maier. The two

Read more at: http://www.torontosun.com/2017/09/09/sole-survivor-of-a-serial-killer-shares-her-story-in-new-book

Death of a fashion icon: Horrifying story of how serial killer who murdered Gianni Versace on his own doorstep was …

Antonio D’Amico was sipping coffee on the veranda close to the entrance of his Miami Beach home when he heard the shots.

It was around 9am and his boyfriend of 15 years legendary fashion designer Gianni Versace had briefly left the couple’s Ocean Drive home to buy a newspaper at a nearby cafe.

Usually, Versace would have an assistant walk to the coffee shop to receive his morning papers, but on this morning he was in high spirits and took the chore upon himself.

He was putting the key in the door lock when he was shot twice at point blank range, once in the face and once in his neck behind the left ear.

“I felt as if my blood had turned to ice,” Antonio said . He and Versace’s butler went outside to investigate.

“The house had stained glass windows so we couldn’t see what had happened from inside,

Read more at: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/death-fashion-icon-horrifying-story-11005160