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Residents sight escaped accused serial killer

Delano Forbes, the triple murder accused who escaped from the police on Monday (February 12) afternoon, has been spotted in several communities, but is yet to be caught.

He was seen in the Buckleys area some time before noon today Tuesday, February 13. Prior to that, he was spotted running in Swetes village where he resided before his arrested and remand to Her Majesty’s Prison in December last year.

Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner of police, Atley Rodney says the photograph of Forbes in shackles, which has been circulating on social media, was taken by the police.

He explains that it was taken as part of the investigation in Swetes where Forbes was asked to point out additional things as evidence in one of the cases against him.

The photograph shows the accused dressed in a

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Tampa Residents on Edge as Possible Serial Killer Remains at Large: ‘I Pray it Doesn’t Happen Again’

The Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa has been on edge for nearly a month — and residents are trying to go about their daily lives with the fear that a serial killer may be in their midst.

The area has been terrorized by three killings of people who don’t seem to have an apparent link to each other. They were fatally shot within a half-mile of each other. Police believe the killings are related.

“I am scared every day,” resident Marisol Linares tells PEOPLE. “When I check my mail, I wonder if I can even get to the mailbox without being shot. I have children who can’t play outside because there may be someone who will shoot them. I want to move away, but I can’t right now.”

Police continue to investigate the killings, and a spokesperson tells PEOPLE that they are looking at

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Fake news circulating on social media has some Murfreesboro residents scared

ABOVE: Fake news of a serial killer in Murfreesboro is causing concern by residents who believe the story is real.

Fake news that is circulating online and in social media suggests that a serial killer is on the lose in Murfreesboro. However, the story could not be further from the truth.

According to the fictitious information, it is suggested that 10 people were strangled inside their homes in the past 36 hours. However, those vicious murders never took place. It is 100 percent fake.

Murfreesboro Police Chief Karl Durr said don’t believe everything you read online…


Again, the news of ten or more murders in Murfreesboro is not true. In fact, there have not been any murders in the past 36 hours in Murfreesboro.


BELOW: Examples of how quickly fake news on social media can

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Maryvale ‘Serial Shooter’ Murders Have Residents on Edge — And Feeling Abandoned

Just before sunset on a recent Sunday, Alfonso Cordoba is the only street vendor left on a highly trafficked corner near 65th Avenue and Berkeley Road in west Phoenix.

Cordoba, an amiable-looking man in his 40s, is wearing sensible-looking Teva shoes and a straw hat to keep the last traces of Arizona sunshine out of his eyes. He is the neighborhood elotero, selling fresh corn, esquites, mangos, raspados, and churros out of his oversize mobile food cart.

He is friendly on approach, but also a little jumpy.

He is standing less than a mile from where Manuel Castro Garcia was murdered on June 10, and where Angela Linner, Stefanie Ellis, and Maleah Ellis were ambushed by the Phoenix Serial Street Shooter on June 12. He appears acutely aware of the fact.

“There used to be three or four guys out here in June,” Cordoba says in Spanish. “Now, I’m the only

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