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Serial Killer Son of Sam David Berkowitz Hospitalized for Possible Heart Surgery: Report

Updated | David Berkowitz, the serial killer known as the Son of Sam, was reportedly hospitalized to undergo heart surgery, the Associated Press wrote on Tuesday. Further information about his condition was not immediately known.

“Inmate Berkowitz has been transferred to an outside hospital and remains in the custody of the Shawangunk Correctional Facility,” a statement from the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision read, reported the Times Union. “DOCCS cannot comment on an inmate’s specific medical condition.” 

Between 1976 and 1977, Berkowitz murdered six people and wounded seven more in New York City using a .44-caliber Bulldog revolver. The killer, now 64, was arrested on August 10, 1977. He is serving six consecutive 25-years-to-life sentences, CNN reported. 

He claimed his neighbor’s dog, Harvey, instructed him to commit the murders. Berkowitz said a demon possessed Harvey, a black labrador retriever, and demanded the blood

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Inside the mind of a possible serial killer: What would be Donaldson’s motivation for killing four?

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS, Fla. (WFLA) — News Channel 8 is digging deeper into the mind of a serial killer following the arrest of Howell “Trai” Donaldson III, the man suspected of killing four people in Seminole Heights.

“All four murders were ruthlessly committed. All four murders are related. There was no apparent motive,” said Chief Brian Dugan.

It’s the million-dollar question many people are asking: What would motivate Donaldson to cut four lives short?

“In order for someone to go out and violently and murder someone, we have to take a look at their past, so what’s going on. What happened to them,” said psychologist Dr. Stacey Scheckner.

Dr. Scheckner believes something was triggered.

“When we can’t express it verbally, look what this murderer is trying to express. He is killing people. In subconscious, he’s trying to say to the world look what happened to me,” said Scheckner. “I’m in so much pain and agony that

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Tampa police arrest possible serial killer in Seminole Heights …

Tampa police arrest possible serial killer

Man suspected of murdering four arrested.

A dragnet in the city of Tampa came to an end late Tuesday after police arrested a man who will face murder charges in connection with four killings that terrorized the neighborhood of Seminole Heights and sparked fears of a serial killer.

Howell Donaldson III was arrested at a McDonald’s restaurant in Ybor City, based on a tip given to Tampa police, FOX 13 Tampa reported. He will face murder charges in connection

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Videos show possible Tampa serial killer near site of two slayings: police

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Reuters) – Tampa police on Wednesday showed two videos of a man they suspect may be a serial killer who is feared to have murdered four people in the past two months in a string of nighttime attacks.

Asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect, Police Chief Brian Dugan played the videos of what appears to be a thin black man, whom he described as between 6 feet and 6 feet, 2 inches tall, both taken near the locations and around the times of two of the murders.

“I don’t believe in coincidence that the same person was around at the same time that two people were murdered,” Dugan told a news conference.

He said the videos were recorded on Oct. 9, the date of the first killing, and on Tuesday, when the most recent slaying occurred.

Dugan said that person in the videos may

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$91000 reward offered for possible Tampa area serial killer, police say

TAMPA, Fla. – Police and federal agents are searching a normally quiet, working-class Tampa neighborhood for a killer after the latest shooting there — the fourth in a little more than a month.

The 60-year-old man killed early Tuesday was shot from behind as he crossed a street.

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Elementary school in Hillsborough on lock-in after possible serial killer shoots man to death nearby

Several schools in Hillsborough County were on a lock-in on Tuesday morning after another person was killed overnight in Seminole Heights, according to school officials.

As a precaution, officials said, the following schools were placed in a lock-in: Edison Elementary, Seminole Heights Elementary, Lomax Elementary, Lockhart Elementary, Young Middle, Ferrell Middle, Memorial Middle, and Hillsborough High. Later Tuesday morning, officials lifted the lock-in for all schools except Edison Elementary.

Security personnel at the schools are in communication with Tampa police throughout the day as the investigation continues in Seminole Heights.

Another fatal shooting unfolded in the early-morning hours on Tuesday, claiming the life of 60-year-old Ronald Felton. The latest shooting took place within blocks of three deadly shootings that occurred in October, and police believe they are related. Those cases remain unsolved.

During a lock-in, access to the campus is tightly controlled, officials said. Students can still

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Fourth Shooting in Tampa Neighborhood Being Terrorized by Possible Serial Killer

There has been a fourth shooting in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa — but police cannot immediately confirm whether it’s part of a string of murders that may be the work of a serial killer.

The body of a man was found just after 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a Tampa Police Department spokesperson tells PEOPLE. The victim had been shot just blocks from where three other shootings have occurred since Oct. 11.  Police would not immediately confirm any further details of the victim’s age, race or injuries.

Residents have been asked not to leave their homes nor send their children to school until the scene is cleared by police. Several blocks have been closed off, and more than 50 police vehicles are on the scene.

There are no suspects at this time, the spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

For the past month, Seminole Heights has been terrorized by three killings of people who seem

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Possible serial killer may have struck again, police say

Tampa police are investigating after a man was shot to death early Tuesday in the Seminole Heights neighborhood and residents are being asked to stay inside, according to reports.

Police are investigating a suspicious death after a 60-year-old man was found at North Nebraska Avenue at East McBerry Street Tuesday morning, according to Spectrum Bay News 9.

The man, identified as Ronald Felton, 60, was crossing the street when someone came up from behind and shot him, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said in a news conference.

Police, though they have limited information, described the suspect as having a thin build and wearing a black baseball cap. Police said they believe he lives in the neighborhood.

A 911 call reporting shots fired in the area came in around 4:51 a.m., according to police. Police arrived within a minute to find Felton’s body.

Dugan said a witness told

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Tampa Residents on Edge as Possible Serial Killer Remains at Large: ‘I Pray it Doesn’t Happen Again’

The Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa has been on edge for nearly a month — and residents are trying to go about their daily lives with the fear that a serial killer may be in their midst.

The area has been terrorized by three killings of people who don’t seem to have an apparent link to each other. They were fatally shot within a half-mile of each other. Police believe the killings are related.

“I am scared every day,” resident Marisol Linares tells PEOPLE. “When I check my mail, I wonder if I can even get to the mailbox without being shot. I have children who can’t play outside because there may be someone who will shoot them. I want to move away, but I can’t right now.”

Police continue to investigate the killings, and a spokesperson tells PEOPLE that they are looking at

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