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The Daughter Who Discovered Her Dad Was a Serial Killer: ‘He Just Managed to Fool Everybody’

April Balascio was an adult with three children when she finally sat down to search for answers to a question that had eaten at her for years: Was her father — a charming and violent man, obsessed with crime — capable of something monstrous?

The truth, she eventually learned, was yes.

She connected the dots in part because of her own internet sleuthing, and her dad, Edward Wayne Edwards, was arrested in 2009 after a fateful phone call Balascio made to investigators with what she knew.

His eventual confession showed he had murdered at least five people, including his own son.

The case’s twists and turns will be the focus of Monday night’s People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery, and is featured on this week’s cover, on newsstands now.

On Friday, People Senior Editor Gillian Telling, who wrote the cover story, appeared on

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I Turned in My Serial Killer Father: How April Balascio Discovered Her Dad Murdered at Least 5

One day in 1980, when April Balascio was 11 years old, her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, woke up the household and told his wife and kids to start packing. They were leaving Watertown, Wisconsin, where they’d lived for about a year — and they were leaving immediately.

The scenario wasn’t unfamiliar: The Edwards family was nomadic, roaming from town to town every six months to a year, at their father’s whim, and often without warning.

“He’d tell us the we had to move in secret because he was protecting us, because there were people who wanted to hurt him or us,” Balascio, now 48, tells PEOPLE.

It would be decades before Balascio, beginning with her own online investigation in March 2009, discovered it was her father who was actually running from the law — that the man who walked her down the aisle had also murdered at least five people.

Thanks in part to

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Body discovered in pond near Woodridge golf club – WGN

WOODRIDGE – Golfers discovered a body in a pond along the Seven Bridges Golf Club in Woodridge Saturday, according to reports.

Distraught relatives told WGN’s Gaynor Hall they believe the body is 28-year-old Daniel Miller, although they don’t know  what he would have been doing on the golf course.

The DuPage coroner confirmed that the body of an unidentified male was discovered at the country club. They didn’t yet release information on the victim’s name or age because they’re still searching for their next of kin.

Fire department divers removed the body and police are investigating. Woodridge police say as of now they don’t suspect foul play.

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This is a developing story. Please check back for more updates.

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