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A Family Man’s Dark Side Before His Daughter Helped Unmask Him as a Serial Killer

Eventually, April Balascio would discover that her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, was a serial killer — and then she’d help bring him to justice.

But even before that terrible revelation, she and her siblings had discussed the fact that their dad had a dark side — which he sometimes took out on the family.

The case’s twists and turns (and Balascio’s central role) will be the focus of Monday night’s People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery, exclusively previewed above.

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According to the clip, Balascio and her four siblings were discussing the killing of their adopted brother, “Danny Boy” Edwards, at one family gathering when talk turned to their mom’s hospitalization in 1982.


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Daughter recalls serial-killer father in People magazine

The Jan. 22 issue of People magazine features the daughter of the man who murdered two Fort Atkinson teens in August 1980.

Titled “My Father Was a Serial Killer … and I Turned Him In,” the story by Gilliana Telling focuses on April (Edwards)

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The Daughter Who Discovered Her Dad Was a Serial Killer: ‘He Just Managed to Fool Everybody’

April Balascio was an adult with three children when she finally sat down to search for answers to a question that had eaten at her for years: Was her father — a charming and violent man, obsessed with crime — capable of something monstrous?

The truth, she eventually learned, was yes.

She connected the dots in part because of her own internet sleuthing, and her dad, Edward Wayne Edwards, was arrested in 2009 after a fateful phone call Balascio made to investigators with what she knew.

His eventual confession showed he had murdered at least five people, including his own son.

The case’s twists and turns will be the focus of Monday night’s People Magazine Investigates, on Investigation Discovery, and is featured on this week’s cover, on newsstands now.

On Friday, People Senior Editor Gillian Telling, who wrote the cover story, appeared on

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Raised by a Serial Killer: Edward Edwards’ Daughter Shares Guilt and Shame After Turning Him In

Growing up, April Balascio says she always had suspicions about her dad, handyman Edward Wayne Edwards. He was obsessed with murder and detective stories and loved to ingratiate himself with the cops, inserting himself into local investigations wherever they lived.

Stranger still, Edwards would often move his family in the middle of the night without warning — Balascio’s first clue that something wasn’t quite right.

“Kids aren’t stupid,” she tells PEOPLE.

But it wasn’t until 2009, as a 48-year-old mom of three grown children, that Balascio decided to look deeper, sure that she had to act on her nagging concerns.

After searching online for “cold cases” and towns that they’d lived in when she was a child to see if anything stood out, one did: the story of two teens in Watertown, Wisconsin, who had disappeared after a wedding reception in 1980, only to turn up stabbed and strangled three months

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Pakistan news anchor goes on air with her daughter on her lap as she pleads for justice for six-year-old girl who …

A Pakistani news anchor presented last night’s broadcast with her daughter on her lap in honour of the six-year-old girl who was kidnapped, raped and murdered on Tuesday.

Zainab Ansari was caught on CCTV being led away by a mystery man and was later found raped and strangled on a rubbish pile about a mile from her home.

She is the sixth child to have been abducted, raped and murdered in the city of Kasur in the past year, and local police believe that the killings may have one perpetrator.

Murdered: Zainab is the sixth murder victim in a year to be kidnapped, raped, strangled and dumped in the city of Kasur in just one year and police believe them to be linked to one man

Murdered: Zainab is the sixth murder victim in a year to

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Serial killer’s daughter reveals how she turned him in to police

April Balascio, the daughter of admitted serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards, spoke to People about how she came to realize her father’s chilling past and what led her to report him to the police.

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Serial Killer Edward Edwards’ Daughter on Turning Him In … – People

One day in 1980, when April Balascio was 11 years old, her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, woke up the household and told his wife and kids to start packing. They were leaving Watertown, Wisconsin, where they’d lived for about a year — and they were leaving immediately.

The scenario wasn’t unfamiliar: The Edwards family was nomadic, roaming from town to town every six months to a year, at their father’s whim, and often without warning.

“He’d tell us the we had to move in secret because he was protecting us, because there were people who wanted to hurt him or us,” Balascio, now 48, tells PEOPLE.

It would be decades before Balascio, beginning with her own online investigation in March 2009, discovered it was her father who was actually running from the law — that the man who walked her down the aisle had also murdered at least five people.

Thanks in part to

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Daughter of accused NI serial killer adds complaint of abuse

Trials: Leslie RossTrials: Leslie Ross

Trials: Leslie Ross

By Allan Preston

November 25 2017

The daughter of a Northern Ireland man accused of being a serial killer has spoken out to say he abused her as a child, and she firmly believes he was capable of murder.

Leslie Ross died earlier this month, aged 70, after suffering from cancer. He was previously accused of murdering three of his ex-girlfriends before the cases collapsed.

Before he took ill he was also facing trial in Newry for 44 counts of sexual abuse.

Earlier this week his niece Debbie Ross (54) told the BBC that she was sexually abused by her “absolute monster” of an uncle as a teenager.

Now, his daughter Julie Ross has joined her in speaking out. Both women

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Female Serial Killer is the Daughter of a United States Senator?


“Anne Marie Scott”, daughter of U.S. Senator “James Montgomery”, was charged with a series of murders.





On 10 September 2017, “satirical” web site Last Line of Defense published an entirely fabricated story appearing to report that the daughter of

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At 26, a daughter lost her mother to a serial killer. In her memory, she ran 26 miles.

Liz Dunning awoke before her alarm sounded. She knew she would.

She got out of bed at 4:30 Saturday morning and dressed for what was to come, pulling an orange T-shirt over her layers. “RUN LIZZIE RUN,” it said, on front and back. She brewed a pot of coffee, then sat on the kitchen floor to lace up her purple sneakers. Her husband, Paul, leaned down to kiss the top of her head.

“I’m very proud of you,” he whispered.

“Good luck with the guys today,” she said, referring to their sons, ages 3 and 7.

Liz Dunning holds vintage family photos of herself and her mother, Nancy Dunning, who was slain by a serial killer in 2003 in Alexandria. (Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)

“Good luck,” he smiled, “with running a marathon today.”

If life had gone as it was supposed to, she

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