Minnesota Supreme Court considers whether late serial killer deserves case review

Convicted Minneapolis serial killer Billy Glaze is dead. So should the courts even consider claims that he might be innocent?

State Supreme Court justices heard arguments Monday morning about whether attorneys working for the Minnesota Innocence Project have standing to continue a petition for review of Glaze’s case.

Glaze, convicted in decades-old murders of three women, had been incarcerated for 28 years when he fell ill with lung cancer and died in December 2015, amid his attorneys’ efforts to exonerate him with new DNA evidence.

A district court judge agreed with Hennepin County prosecutors last year that Glaze’s appeal died with him. Glaze hadn’t yet proven his innocence with the evidence introduced, so there was no “live controversy” to be resolved, the judge found.

Attorneys for Glaze, however, argued on appeal that the public has an interest in learning whether the justice system worked fairly. Glaze’s name still deserves

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