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Sarra Gilbert Convicted of Killing Mother in Upstate NY

The sister of a woman who is a key figure in the Long Island Serial Killer case was convicted of killing her 52-year-old mother in upstate New York last year.

An Ulster County jury found Sarra Gilbert guilty Thursday of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of her mother, Mari Gilbert. Another one of Mari’s daughters, Shannon Gilbert, disappeared from Oak Beach seven years ago, leading to the discovery of 10 sets of human remains along Ocean Parkway.

Authorities have said that Sarra stabbed her mother, Mari, to death inside Sarra’s Ellenville home following an argument in July of 2016.

Sarra’s attorney is John Ray, who is also representing the Gilberts in a lawsuit against the Suffolk County Police Department, who the family blames for not preventing Shannon’s death when she called 911 on the night she went missing.

At Sarra’s trial, Ray argued that Sarra was not guilty by reason of

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NYC light show project kicks off at new bridge






Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state leaders on Thursday night lit up the Koscuiszko Bridge between Brooklyn and Queens, the first of the New York City-area bridges that the state plans to hold an occasional light show on.
Joseph Spector, Albany Bureau

ALBANY – The “New York Harbor of Lights” kicked off Thursday night at the new Kosciuszko Bridge that runs between Brooklyn and Queens.

The five-minute light show coordinated to music is a pet project for Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been eager to light up the New York City-area crossings over the next

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Mom killer is too dangerous to put in prison: lawyer

The sister of a woman slain by the Gilgo Beach serial killer is too “psychotic” to be sent to prison for fatally stabbing her mother 227 times, her lawyer claimed.

The attorney, John Ray, told reporters at upstate Kingston Criminal Court Thursday that his client, Sarra Gilbert, “will kill again’’ if sent to prison instead of a psychiatric facility.

“Sarra’s insane. Sarra’s violent. She is extremely psychotic, and in her psychosis, she has been repeatedly homicidal,” he said, according to the Middletown Times Herald-Record.

A jury rejected Ray’s criminal insanity defense, and convicted Sarra (inset top), 27, of butchering her mom, Mari (inset bottom), 52, last summer.

“She killed her mother. She was going to kill her son. She was going to kill her sisters. The chances that Sarra, in a prison, even on meds, will not commit another homicide are very slim,” according to Ray.

Sarra’s sister, Shannan Gilbert, was one of

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The Golden State Killer

Okay, so here’s a quick trivia question for you.  Who in our society receives marriage proposals from women who have never met them, get their faces plastered on t-shirts, appears on the covers of popular magazines, and has even appeared on trading cards, similar to baseball cards?  (If you were going to guess famous Hasidic Rabbis, you’d be wrong, although, there are “Famous Rabbi Trading Cards,” and I’m not making that up.)  The answer unfortunately is serial killers.  As a culture, Americans have what can only be described as a somewhat unhealthy obsession with serial killers.  Sadly, there are no shortage of choices for one to choose from when trying to find a serial killer who is right for you.

Image result for jack the ripper getty images

Generally considered the first recognized serial killer, the mysterious man known as Jack the Ripper terrorized London’s Whitechapel

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ArkLaMiss Mysteries: Who killed the Jeff Davis 8?

JENNINGS, La. (KNOE) – Eight women were killed in one small town in south Louisiana between 2005 and 2009. Their killer has never been caught. They’re called the Jeff Davis 8, and it’s a case that has haunted a community for more than a decade.

These are the eight women killed in Jennings, Louisiana between 2005 and 2009. Their killer is still on the loose.

There’s no easy way to get to Jennings, Louisiana. Small, two lane roads eventually lead you to the small, quiet town. But for years, this town has been hiding a dark secret.

Eight women killed in just four years. Who did it? Well that remains a question without an answer.

In May of 2005, a fisherman found the body of Loretta Chaisson in a creek on the outskirts of town. Later that same year another body

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No Ducey Tweet This Time: Officials Mum on Maryvale Shooter ‘Person of Interest’

Phoenix Police Department’s sketch of the Maryvale Shooter.

When the cops thought they had captured the Freeway Shooter in 2015, Governor Doug Ducey famously tweeted: “We got him.

This time, this week, the authorities are acting with a little more circumspection to a flurry of TV reports about another serial shooting case, and hints of a link to the scourge of Interstate 10.

Various Valley TV stations have been reporting that Phoenix police are holding a man in connection with the “serial street shooter” case. They say the man is a “person of interest” in the spree of gun slayings in 2016, often known as the Maryvale Shooter case, because that’s the Phoenix neighborhood where it all started.

These broadcast accounts, citing unnamed sources, suggest that the 23-year-old who has been charged in an unrelated shooting death of his mother’s boyfriend in 2015, used the same  type of gun

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Serial killer sisters say they don’t deserve ‘barbaric’ death penalty

A pair of serial killer sisters from India who murdered nine kids — one not even a year old — say they shouldn’t be hanged on the gallows because doing so would more “barbaric” than they deserve.

Instead, a lawyer for Renuka Shinde and her younger sibling Seema Gavit is making one last-ditch bid to have a judge commute their sentence to life in prison, according to

Shinde and Gavit, now both in their 40s, have been held in custody since 1996 when they were busted along with their mother Anjana Bai Gavit for kidnapping 13 young children and murdering nine as part of a pickpocketing ring that operated out of the city of Pune.

Their helpless victims commissioned to help them steal, ranged in age from nine months to two years old.

The evil trio killed the children they deemed useless in the most gruesome ways.

The nine-month-old was starved and beaten

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Police probing suspected serial killer after northern Israel murder

Police opened an investigation into a suspected serial killer after the body of a suspected murder victim was discovered in the northern city of Ma’alot-Tarshiha bearing signs of violence, police said, the third unsolved murder in the town since 2015.

The ex-wife of the suspected murder victim arrived at his home Monday evening, but when she tried to enter the house the door was locked, according to Hebrew media reports.

When she returned the next morning she found the door open, and upon entering the house found her former husband lying dead in bed, leading her to contact police.

The victim was described as a man in his 50s.

The man’s body was said to be badly beaten, reportedly resulting from being struck with a blunt object, while the house was in a state of disarray and the walls were covered in blood, Ynet reported.

The victim, whose name has not been

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Serial killer on the loose?

A man found dead in his apartment Tuesday morning may have been the victim of a serial murderer, Israel Police reported.

The body of a 51-year old man was found in his bed this morning in the Galilee town of Maalot. MDA emergency responders who were called to the scene said signs of violence were found on the man’s body.

“When we arrived, we went into the apartment and saw a man roughly 50-years old lying down, unconscious, with no heartbeat, [and who] was not breathing, with signs of violence on his body,” said MDA first responder Alon Kotzi.

“We performed a number of medical checks but he had no vital signs, and after a short period a MDA paramedic pronounced him dead.”

Authorities say they are examining the possibility that the murder may be linked with two other unsolved murder cases in Maalot.

Over the past year and a half, say police, an elderly

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Uganda: ‘Serial Killer’ Victim Speaks Out

Kampala — Eleven years since the arrest of alleged ‘serial killer’ Baker Walusimbi, Faith* [not real name], reveals how she was tormented by the man who has been battling murder, defilement, and robbery charges.

Walusimbi, who was arrested on January 21, 2006, following a joint operation by the police and the Violent Crime Crack Unit (VCCU), had in 2002 been accused of defilement. His bail application through senior criminal lawyer McDusman Kabega is to be determined tomorrow.

Remembering the ordeal

In an exclusive interview with Daily Monitor on Friday, Faith, who still recalls the torments she went through from Walusimbi on December 18, 2005, says she will now be punished twice when Walusimbi is granted bail.

“You are now reminding me of a man I had erased out of my mind because he has been out of circulation. If you talk of a

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