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Maryvale block watchers refuse to be thwarted by serial shooter

By Selena Makrides – Cronkite News

PHOENIX — Despite a nerve-wracking wave of violence, Maryvale neighbors work to thwart the serial shooter, discouraging petty crime along the way.

On Wednesday, six women on a mission piled into Rosa Pastrana’s car, spending an hour delivering fliers with a police sketch of the suspect.

The shootings that have claimed the lives of seven people, mostly in Maryvale, began April 1. Police have connected the incidents to what they believe is a single shooter.

Rosa Pastrana, captain of the Osborn Block Watch, said she is concerned for Maryvale, but won’t let the looming threat of violence break her from the empowerment of patrolling for crime and blight in her neighborhood.

“I’m worried. I’m worried for my community and I’m worried for my family. But I’m not scared,” she said, “…Because the guy killing (in) the community – he’s not scared. But maybe he sees now that people

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Police say tips called into Silent Witness line will help catch Maryvale shooter

By Christina Tetreault – Cronkite News

PHOENIX – Police say someone knows the identity of the Maryvale shooter, the man who brought violence and death to neighborhoods in Maryvale and central Phoenix.

Someone knows something about a serial shooter who killed seven people, including a 12-year-old girl, and injured two others.

Someone noticed something about a man who fired shots in the dark of night, devastating families and communities.

Phoenix police urge anyone who knows something – the identity of the suspect, what he looks like, where he works, something, anything – contact Silent Witness, where anonymous tips that lead to an arrest or indictment that usually bring as much as a $1,000 reward.

Tipsters can call 480-948-6377, 1-800-343-8477 or text “Silent” plus the message to 274637.

The reward has reached $30,000 for the Maryvale “serial street” shooter.

‘We will find you’

Phoenix Police and community organizations are asking the community’s help to

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RIP Steve Young of Colourbox and M/A/R/R/S’ “Pump Up The Volume”

Steve Young—who, with his brother Martyn, founded both the early electronica band Colourbox and influential dance music flag-bearers M/A/R/R/S, both of which turned sampling as important a pop instrument as any guitar—has died of an undisclosed causes. The label 4AD, where Colourbox was an outlier during its short five-year run, made the announcement on its social media, calling Young a “true pioneer.” The cause of death was undisclosed, and it’s not certain how old Young was.

Colourbox launched in 1982 and almost immediately proved confounding. Its first single, “Breakdown”—recorded with vocalist Debian Curry, then re-recorded in ’83 with Lorita Grahame—mixed soul and electro-funk. A subsequent, self-titled mini-album released later that year (popularly known as Horses Fucking, for its cover image of horses fucking) brought in deeper hints of dub and reggae amid the new wave dance-pop, a direction the group would further explore with a cover of Jamaican

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The ACLU Will Go to War with Trump if He Becomes President

Image by Frances Smith

On Thursday, the ACLU, America’s most prominent civil liberties organization, made it clear that while they’re nonpartisan, they would definitely, definitely battle the policies of a hypothetical Donald Trump presidency.

A collection of legal memos spells out that in a bit more detail, challenging several of the Republican nominee’s policy proposals. They cite numerous conflicts with the Constitution, as well as other legal objections, and make it clear that ACLU lawyers would wrap many of Trump policies in legal red tape if they were ever enacted.

Issues that the ACLU would challenge a hypothetical President Trump on include the “temporary” ban on Muslim immigration and the surveillance of Muslim communities, the deportation of 11 million or more undocumented immigrants, the reinstatement of torture, and the redefinition of libel laws to

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Serial Killer Groupie Charged in Throat Slashing Attack

Bernardo groupie Michelle Erstikaitis. Photo via Facebook

A Hamilton woman obsessed with Canada’s most notorious serial killer, Paul Bernardo, is accused of slashing a security guard’s neck and arm with a straight razor.

36-year-old Michelle Erstikaitis is facing a number of charges including attempted murder and carrying a concealed weapon, after allegedly attacking a guard at the U.S. consulate in downtown Toronto.

Erstikaitis has a long history with police and became infamous in Canada after she began writing love letters to Bernardo at the age of 13.

She was convicted of making death threats after repeatedly phoning the mother of one of Bernardo’s victims, Debbie Mahaffy, pretending to be her daughter Leslie and even threatening to kill her and her son.

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In 1999 she

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Phoenix police: Four more cases, 1 deadly, possibly linked to serial shooter targeting Maryvale area

PHOENIX – Phoenix police have identified four more shooting incidents linked to a string of unsolved deadly shootings in Maryvale.

Investigators looked into incidents since January 2016 and now believe that a total of eight cases were committed by the same serial shooter or shooters. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is helping Phoenix police in solving these homicides. 

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Police were looking into the cases before, but have only recently linked them to the ongoing serial-shooting investigation. The recently identified cases are as follows: 

The Case of the Vampire Trucker

It was just after 5 PM on November 26, 2013, when Timothy Jay Vafeades rolled up to the Red River weigh station outside of Moorhead, Minnesota. The surrounding farmland in the Red River Valley is peaceful, for the most part—fields of beet, soy, and corn spilling across North Dakota and Minnesota for miles. It’s only here, just off I-94, that the stillness is disturbed by the downshifting diesel engines and hissing air brakes of 18-wheelers pulling into the weigh station. Approximately 1,300 rigs pass through this station each day, according to figures from the Minnesota Department of Transportation obtained by VICE.

By the time Vafeades arrived that night, the pair of commercial vehicle inspectors on duty had already checked the paperwork for hundreds of drivers, many of whom were bleary-eyed from logging hundreds of miles. But not Vafeades. The man couldn’t stop talking, as one of the inspectors, Cynthia Harms, would

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