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St. Charles police seek owner of unique gun that may have been used in Interstate 70 killings

ST. CHARLES • A $25,000 reward is being offered and St. Charles police are renewing their plea for anyone who might have information on a unique gun that may have been used to murder six shop clerks across the midwest, including Nancy Kitzmiller, 24, in St. Charles, in the spring of 1992.

Police renewed their plea this week and rereleased a photo of the unique gun, an Erma Werke ET-22, believed to have been used in the killing. It’s a .22 long rifle caliber, semi-automatic pistol with a luger action and an 11.75 inch barrel. It looks different because of the barrel length and the wood forestock under the barrel, police said, and some people call it a carbine.

The killer, known as the I-70 killer, may have used this gun or one like it

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Shiradi Ghat tunnelling will begin in December: Nitin Gadkari

Mangaluru: For those who feel travelling between Mangaluru and Bengaluru via Shiradi Ghat is tiresome, the assurance made by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari that work on the tunnel through the ghat will start by this year-end, has come as a welcome piece of news.

“The tunnel project through Shiradi Ghat will decrease the distance and also time. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) is being prepared by the state government. If the DPR is submitted to us by June, I assure you that work will start by November and we will try to complete the work in two years,” Mr Gadkari declared. He was in Mangaluru on Tuesday to attend the foundation laying ceremony for widening of 141 km of NH 75 with an investment of Rs 2358 crore. “Once this project is completed, the port connectivity between Mangaluru and Chennai would be easy,” he said.

The project

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Recent Drownings Just Accidents – or Something More Sinister?

“This is creepy.” … “It’s time for someone to start seeing this as a pattern and not just college- age men falling and meeting their death in the water.” … “Can someone please catch this twisted (person)?” … “The Boston Police may not find anything suspicious about this, but I sure do!” … “So I’m not at all into conspiracy theories… Until now.”

BOSTON, MA – Minutes after divers pulled Zachary Marr’s body from the Charles River, Facebook users breathed new life into an old rumor: the 22-year-old’s death marked not a tragic accident, but further evidence of a serial killer or murderous syndicate who target young men in Boston, possibly nationwide.

Even after the Suffolk County District Attorney’s initial report, which found no evidence of trauma to Marr’s body, scores of Facebook users continued to circulate conspiracy-minded questions. How do so many young men wind up in

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Driver who left school bus idling with child on board while he used bathroom fights to get job back – New York’s PIX11 / WPIX

MAHOPAC, N.Y. — James Dannolfo drove a yellow school bus for Chappaqua Transportation for 11 years, but it’s been a year since he was fired for running to the bathroom — and leaving the bus idling outside Seven Bridges Middle School in Westchester.

“I needed to use the bathroom,” Dannolfo recalled. “I just ran inside.”

The problem for Dannolfo is that a second grader from the West Orchard Elementary School was sleeping in the back of the bus.

Dannolfo had dropped off students at West Orchard the morning of March 12, 2015, then was directed to pick up drivers at Seven Bridges Middle School. Normally, he would have gone straight back to the bus yard and checked his vehicle.

When he arrived at the middle school, Dannolfo remembered an urgent need to use the restroom.

“Got to the school, stopped, ran inside, came right back out,” Dannolfo said. “I heard a little boy crying, ran to the back, and

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Killers on the Road: Driving’s Link to Violence

In 2008 the FBI created a new division to address serial murders linked to highways. The Highway Serial Killings Initiative seeks to use roadways to link unsolved murders. The division keeps a list of suspects, the vast majority of whom, they told me, are long-haul truckers. While working on my book about highway murders, I tracked down 25 cases of long-haul truckers who were convicted of serial murder, and I attended the trial of a twenty-sixth. I wondered if driving alone for long hours might have some psychological effects on truckers, but that’s not a topic many people want to discuss. I did find one group of researchers who had conducted a qualitative study which suggested truckers’ work was stressful to the point of being mentally detrimental. The research cited the dangers of the road, social isolation, fear of violence, disrespect, and constant time pressure as mental stressors, on top of the

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