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Decade after Daytona Beach serial killer leaves 4 women dead, cops still seek answers

It’s been a decade since LaQuetta Gunther left her best friend’s Daytona Beach house on Christmas Eve.

Gunther promised to come back in a few hours so she and her friend, Stacey Dittmer, could do what had become a holiday tradition: Stay up all night and cook a full Christmas dinner – turkey, ham, green bean casserole, yams, gravy, crescent rolls.

But Gunther never returned.

And now, every December, Dittmer puts the wooden box that holds her best friend’s ashes by the Christmas tree.

Chasing Exclusive: Eastbound Strangler

In 2006, a serial killer known as the Eastbound Strangler stalked the streets of Atlantic City, murdering prostitutesand depositing their bodies in a shallow ditch behind a seedy motel the next town over.

Posted:Dec 10 2015 02:06PM EST

Updated:Dec 10 2015 02:06PM EST