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Herb Gray Parkway pedestrian bridges not open, so stay off

Builders of the Herb Gray Parkway are warning people to stay off the project’s pedestrian bridges or face trespassing charges.

The seven bridges are not officially open but officials have spotted people using them.

The bridges should be open in about six to eight weeks, said parkway spokeswoman Cindy Prince.

“We’re getting really close and I understand everyone is really anxious but we need to wait just a little bit longer,” Prince said. “At this point they really are trespassing and the reason we say that because it still is a construction zone.”

Heavy equipment is still operating near the pedestrian bridges, Prince said. Paving and work on the trails’ side hills are being finished.

“We have heavy equipment in the trail system right now, it’s not the safest place for the public to be at this point,” Prince said. 

When they open, each bridge will represent one of the Seven Grandfather Teachings of the local

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