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These 8 Terrifying Serial Killers Have Never Been Caught And Could Be Living Amongst Us

The FBI has admitted that they believe there are 40 active serial killers committing multiple murders in America at any given time.

Some, thankfully, get caught and are taken off the streets and punished for their crimes. When they are removed from society everyone starts to believe that once again their streets will be safer.

But, what if they’re not caught? What if multiple victims are found that have suffered at the hands of someone who is never brought to justice? Some of these killers commits crimes and then vanish, or simply work under the radar and are never suspected by police.

Here are some cases of serial killers that have never been caught or brought to justice for their crimes.

3. The I-70 Killer

Police Sketch
Police Sketch

The 2,100-mile I-70 that runs from Baltimore, Maryland to Cove Fort, Utah became the workplace for an unidentified serial killer

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These 5 Serial Killers Have Never Been Caught, And They Could Be In A Town Near You

When we think about serial killers we think about the depraved and horrific acts they performed on people. But, even more than that, we like to think they have been caught and are no longer able to hurt members of the public.

But what if there are serial killers still on the loose? Another Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer that are on a killing spree and haven’t been caught?

These killers get to keep on finding and tracking down their next victim, free to satisfy their blood lust, without the police having a clue.

Here are five bone chilling cases of brutal serial murders that have been carried out, but those responsible have never been caught. And they could kill again.

5. The Jennings Murders. 8 Victims

photographs of victims
photographs of victims

In a small town called Jennings Louisiana the bodies of 8 young women were found

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