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1992 murders at bridal shop unsolved but not forgotten by women’s families

Bob Trendel keeps a scrapbook of newspaper and magazine articles that chronicle the crimes of his daughter’s murderer, the so-called I-70 serial killer.

The pages hold no stories of closure. None speak of arrests, court convictions or solid leads.

Trendel, 82, says he doesn’t expect Patricia Smith’s murderer to be found in his lifetime. He’s already waited nearly 22 years.

The case is among 140 unsolved Wichita homicides since 1985.

“Basically I’ve given up,” Trendel said. “It’s frustrating to know that after over 20 years, he’s still out there.”

Trendel’s daughter, 23-year-old Patricia Smith, was one of two women shot execution-style at La’ Bride d’Elegance, 4613 E. Kellogg, as they waited for a late-arriving customer on April 11, 1992. The other woman killed that Saturday was the shop’s owner, 32-year-old Patricia Magers.

Authorities quickly linked the slayings to four others that took place at Indiana and Missouri strip malls near Interstate 70 in 1992.

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