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£100000 profit in just six months as house of horrors which was killing ground of serial killer Dennis Nilsen is …

  • Scene of gruesome murders on sale for £100,000 more than it was bought
  • Agents say they will tell viewers that three murders happened there
  • Nilsen boiled limbs and flushed flesh down drains until stench appeared
  • Flat in Muswell Hill bought for £250,000 last summer – now on for £350,000

Martin Robinson

Bad Romance: 6 women who fell in love with killers

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you single? Are you planning to spend the evening lying in bed, binge-watching “House of Cards” and ordering pizza? Like I would be doing if I didn’t accidentally have a date due to the fact that I am bad at calendars? Well, buck up. Things could totally be worse.

It’s not as if we all haven’t dated some, shall we say, “questionable people” in our lives. I mean, I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but lord knows I haven’t always had the best judgment ever–but usually, I can at least say “Well, it’s not like he was a serial killer or anything.”

Not so for some of these ladies!

1. The Sweet Pea Girl


In 1895, a woman named Rosalind Bowers became something of a media sensation during the trial of Theodore “Demon of The Belfry” Durrant- the

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In Louisiana, 8 Women Were Murdered and Cops May Be Their Killers

In the small town of Jennings, Louisiana, eight women were killed between 2005 and 2009 and none of their murders have been solved. Their stories and those of the fruitless investigations read like HBO’s True Detective but with sobering real life consequences.

One woman, 28-year-old Loretta Lynn Chaisson Lewis, was found in floating in a river and seven others were discovered across the swamps and interstates ditches around the small stretch of Southern land. Each of these women were prostitutes and, according to investigative journalist Ethan Brown’s findings on Medium, all had witnessed something they were not supposed to see.

In the wake of the deaths, rumor arose that a serial killer was responsible but the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit says that serial killers usually target strangers with no ties to themselves. Each of the Jennings eight knew

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