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Serial killer Bobby Fowler probably not the main Highway of Tears murderer, profiler says

Former Vancouver police geographic profiler Kim Rossmo believes a serial killer is responsible for many of the deaths along Highway 16 in the past two decades, but he does not believe Bobby Jack Fowler is the suspect.

Police investigating the deaths and disappearances of 18 young women from three B.C. highways announced this week that Fowler, who died in a U.S. prison in 2006, killed one victim in 1974 and is a “strong suspect� in the deaths of two others from 1973, all of them near Kamloops.

Police say Fowler has not been eliminated as a suspect for seven other victims on their list, whose deaths span 40 years and many hundreds of kilometres.

Rossmo, who was among the first to predict a serial killer was preying on women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, said it is reasonable that Fowler could be responsible for the three deaths in the 1970s, which all happened close

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